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“Dear Dannella,
I cannot thank you enough for participating in our first “Entrepreneurship Day” at Lanier Charter Career Academy. You were wonderful and I hope we can call on you again. Maybe you will go into a classroom and present a JA program.
Take care, and thanks again.”
by Tanya Lanier Charter Career Academy

Event Planning


Social EventsSocial events are connected to your dreams and your relationships. Whether it’s the wedding you’ve thought about since you were little, a family reunion, birthday party, anniversary, or holiday gathering, you have an idea of what you want but need help to make it happen. That’s where Oakwood Occasions steps in. We provide the planning and organization or prepare the hospitality to fit your event and budget.




CorporateToday’s business world offers many opportunities to gather, to educate, to promote, and to celebrate. These events and their success are a critical part of the operations and growth of every level and type of business. Most successful businesses get that way by doing what they do best and getting help where they need it. Oakwood Occasions provides that help. Whether you are planning a conference, promotional launch, trade show, convention, corporate picnic, annual event, holiday or staff party, we can provide the organization and execution that you require for success. For your office we provide single serve high quality coffee and vending services to please your employees and customers.

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